I recently acquired my yellow belt in Ju Jutsu.  That’s right, I am now officially dangerous to myself.

Most people who know me understand how much I love basketball.  I would drive for an hour for a game of pick-up.  I decided last fall to take time off from basketball to try something new.  My trip to Africa in October was a life changing experience that left me wanting to try new things.  I can always play basketball but I’ve never taken up a martial art before.  Besides, deep down inside, doesn’t every boy want to be a ninja?

So after some research, I landed at a great dojo in my area of the city.  Check it out at www.celterre.com.  Kudos to Sensei Trevor…he is a very good teacher.

There are tons of lessons that I have gained this past year in Ju Jutsu.  I think the greatest lesson has been one in “decreasing gain” (I talk about this in another blog posting).  I have learned the value of knowing nothing, of reaching my limits, of having to start at the bottom of the totem pole.  Ju Jutsu is not something you just pick up.  Every class I attend brings new understanding and a greater appreciation for my limitations.  I find myself decreasing, but the result is nothing but increase for my attitude and spirit.   


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