Church Planting

Cone of Silence

I’ve felt like I’ve been under a ‘cone of silence’ lately (seen the movie Get Smart?).  It’s like I’ve been having these conversations with people inside an upside-down fish bowl.  And for good reason. We couldn’t open up our conversations prematurely because we just weren’t sure what the outcome would be.

But now we know. So now the cone of silence can be raised.

We’re partnering with Beulah Alliance Church, other churches (still to be finalized) and the Western Canadian District to plant a church in northeast Edmonton.  There, I said it.  Silence lifted.

Yesterday and today we broke the news to our Beulah Alliance Church family. People have been so gracious. I sure love this church. We’ve had huge affirmations and encouragements from people of all ages.

So what’s been happening beneath the cone?  Lots of what ifs? and hows? and whens? We couldn’t go public with the news until we had some significant questions answered. We’ve been able to answer some of those questions.  Check it out on our website:

Still, the biggest question that needed to be answered for Karen and me was, “What is God up to?’  Because you know what? Church planting isn’t easy. I was listening to a podcast yesterday and a veteran church planter said, “The second hardest job in the world is planting a church. The hardest job is taking a declining, dying church and turning it around. That’s why I became a church planter.” That’s not why I became a church planter, but I take a big gulp when I think about what he said. Church planting is risky, costly business. It will challenge your marriage, your faith, even your sanity.

So what is God up to? After months of praying, deliberating and listening to wise counsel, we feel confident that God is in this new thing. And if God is in it, can we say ‘no’?  Now, there are still thousands (bazillions?) of unanswered questions and details that need to get figured out. We need people, resources, facilities…the list goes on.

Yet today I feel relaxed and at peace. Because if God is in this thing, then I know he’ll make it happen. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter.What matters is that we listened and said we’d do it.

What about you?  Are you listening to Him?  And will you do what He asks you to do?

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