Got ya.  You were thinking, “What!?  Did you change your mind already?”  Fickle guy.

Or…if you’re cynical about catchy slogans, you were probably thinking, “Sure you’re not…”

Seriously. I’m not planting a church. I mean, how can I? The church has already been planted. It was established about two thousand years ago by Christ (check out the book of Acts).

I know, I shouldn’t get all technical, but there’s a problem with the language when you say “plant a church”.  You see, you can’t really plant a church because a church is more than a building, more than a geographical location.  It’s so much more.  It’s God’s invisible kingdom, His people who are His hands, feet and voice in the world. It’s forcefully advancing and cannot be contained.

(For those theology/sociology/history buffs out there, let’s just say that this view of the church is SO fourth century.  We can thank Constantine and historical Christendom for our dented ecclesiology.)

This fall, we’re going to ask people to journey with us to “plant a church”.  I guess it’s better to say we’re going to “gather together under a common vision to be the church.”  Technical, I know…but true.

You see, there’s a downside to seeing the church as just a building or a weekend experience. First, it’s a limited (sometimes false?) view of the church. Second, it confines your spiritual life and the purpose of the church to an experience and a place.

Now, I’m not saying that the church can’t gather. But where it gathers is not as important as that it gathers. And gathering isn’t the only thing the church is all about.

If you are a follower of Christ, you are the church.  You’re part of something huge. And everywhere you go, you bring the church.  When you go out for coffee at Starbucks, you bring it. When you take the LRT to work, you bring it. When you hang out with those you care about, you bring it.

So bring it. Today, wherever you go, you are the church and you are bringing the church to the world.  Be the church, the true church. Bring truth, love and light to every space you occupy.

I’m at an airport in Munich. I’ve got two hours left to bring it.

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