Thanks for visiting. Rob - 2020 Starbucks

Rob lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He is a disciple of Christ, husband, father, pastor, and friend. Currently, he serves as the Lead Pastor of Crosspoint Church (

This blog is a channel of expression, a means of sending out thoughts, ideas, and hope vibes to fellow sojourners.

Some days he’ll write. Some days he won’t. Maybe he’ll write more when he graduates from his doctoral program – or when he retires.

3 thoughts on “About Rob

  1. okay, so your blog post about zero inbox sat in a message I sent my work-self’s inbox on March 21st. . . Uh yeah. Finally opened it, clicked the link, and read the blog. I have a feeling I will be opening my emails a lot sooner in the near future.

    Your teaching adds so much value to my life. That has been my experience since about 1993.
    Thanks Rob!

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