Monday Rewind: Before the Bedroom

Before our wedding, my wife (Karen) and I made the wise decision of getting premarital counselling. Our counsellor made a statement that I will never forget: “Foreplay begins in the kitchen.” Before you let your imagination run wild, let me explain what she meant. Her point was simple - as you go about your day, how you treat each … Continue reading Monday Rewind: Before the Bedroom


Monday Rewind: Infatuation

Dating? Courting? Crushing? Chances are you will catch a good bout of infatuation early in your relationship. It's intriguing that the Bible doesn't shy away from this very human experience. In the Song of Songs - the big book on relationships - the two main characters are clearly twitterpated. Hear the poetic words of Shulamith, … Continue reading Monday Rewind: Infatuation