Monday Rewind: You’ve Gotta Go

Jesus is full of surprises. Just when you think you've got him pegged, he pulls an audible and you're left asking, "Whaaaat?" When Jesus toured Galilee, early in his ministry, he performed miracles and taught about the kingdom. He also stared down the Pharisees and called people to follow him. His reputation grew and soon … Continue reading Monday Rewind: You’ve Gotta Go


Three Small Church Myths

People join a small church for different reasons. Sometimes their reasons can lead to disappointment because they're just unobtainable. I'd like to dissect three common myths about the small church. Myth 1: If I go to a small church then I can actually get to know everybody. Unless you have a photographic memory and don't … Continue reading Three Small Church Myths

I’m not planting a church…

Got ya.  You were thinking, "What!?  Did you change your mind already?"  Fickle guy. Or...if you're cynical about catchy slogans, you were probably thinking, "Sure you're not..." Seriously. I'm not planting a church. I mean, how can I? The church has already been planted. It was established about two thousand years ago by Christ (check out the book … Continue reading I’m not planting a church…